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Australian Defence College

Mastery of the profession of arms is a critical warfighting edge for the Australian Defence Force. The Australian Defence College advocates for professional mastery to nurture the desire of our people to achieve professional excellence. This is achieved through residential courses, distributed learning, research, seminars, professional journals and the contribution to the global online Professional Military Education community.

The Australian Defence College has a pivotal role in contributing to building the Australian Defence Force future force. It achieves this by delivering world-class joint professional education and joint individual training that is future focused, preparing military leaders intellectually for future digital age warfare.

The Australian Defence College Strategy 2018 – 2023

The Australian Defence College Philosophy

Joint education and training is a core Defence capability, and a critical strategic edge in all military organisations. First and foremost, the ADC must deliver world class joint professional military education and training. It must be cognisant of historical lessons while remaining future focused, and intellectually relevant to digital-age warfare. The college must produce intellectually resourceful military officers with a profound understanding of the theory and practice of war. They must be imbued with the intellectual capacity, influence skills and confidence to apply that knowledge in an interagency and cross-cultural environment. Students and staff must also appreciate the value of character and its importance for ethical conduct in peace and war. This is regardless whether they are junior or senior commanders and staff officers, or planners and advisers obliged to provide sound military advice on strategic policy options to the government of the day.

The ADC will energetically collaborate with external and internal organisations to bench mark our performance, support our international partners and contribute to Defence capability development. Collaboration with VCDF, Defence Personnel and Joint Capability Groups, as well as our international partners, in joint force design and development is critical; training and education needs of the future force must be included in joint force design at the earliest stages. Engagement with foreign militaries and institutions will assist the college to remain well-informed of global JPME developments, and enable the professional development of foreign military personnel.

The ADC will advocate for professional mastery to nurture the desire in military and civilian personnel to achieve professional excellence. Mastery of the profession of arms is a critical warfighting edge for the Australian Defence Force. We will not tolerate mediocrity, but rather will nurture ongoing professional discourse, research and scholarship, while embracing excellence in joint warfighting as the highest military virtue. We will strive to be the ‘best of breed’ in global JPME institutions.

The ADC must lead Defence in efficient and innovative approaches to learning delivery and technology. It will collaborate broadly with a range of stakeholders on more effective learning approaches. This will be underpinned by a commitment to ongoing research into future warfare and strategic competition that is linked to providing world class joint PME. In doing so, the ADC should attract the best domestic and international students as well as the very best ADC leadership, instructors and staff.

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