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Celebrating families who serve

May 22 2018

Having had three generations serve across the ADF, the Hooper family know what it is like to serve.

Having had three generations serve across the Navy, Army and Air Force, the Hooper family know what it is like to serve in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).
As the son of World War II pilot Flight Lieutenant Laurence Hooper, and father of serving members Ann, Sean and Aaron, Lieutenant Commander Brice Hooper likens the sense of belonging in the ADF to joining a broader family.
“During my 30 years with the Navy I spent a large portion of that time at sea on ships and submarines, so your work colleagues do become like a family to you,” Lieutenant Commander Hooper said.
“I am very proud that all three of my children have joined the ADF.
“I never expected my daughter Ann to join the Navy, especially as she would get carsick easily and still gets seasick.
“But in the couple of years she has been in the Navy, she has had a ball, she loves the lifestyle, the travel, and the job satisfaction.
“She has been employed with Border Protection Operations and completed a deployment to the Middle East on HMAS Arunta.
“My oldest son, Sean, has always had a strong interest in the Army so I wasn’t surprised when he joined. He thrives on the physical challenge that the Army gives him. 
“And the youngest, Aaron, has seen how his sister and brother enjoyed their time and maybe been influenced a little by me to join the Navy.
“When he was 15 he spent four days at sea with me on HMAS Leeuwin on a sail from Darwin to Cairns as part of a Family Cruise, which I think was a great influence on his decision.”
Sean, a cook currently posted to 10 Force Support Battalion at Lavarack Barracks, Townsville, always had a desire to continue his family’s tradition of service.
“I chose the Army because I believed it would be the most physically and mentally challenging for me,” Sean said.
“It is a wonderful privilege to have such strong family ties to the ADF as it makes the journey so much more fulfilling knowing I’m adding not only to the Hooper military tradition but also to the Army family.”

Chief of Navy presenting AB Hooper with a certificate