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Disclosure Log - Documents released by Defence

Defence is required by section 11C of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act) to publish a disclosure log on its website. The disclosure log lists documents which have been disclosed in response to an FOI access request. This requirement applied from 1 May 2011. The disclosure log complements the Information Publication Scheme required under section 8 of the FOI Act.

In accordance with the requirements of section 11C, agencies are required to publish details of documents released under the FOI Act within ten working days of an applicant being given access to the documents.

Defence will maintain on this website a list of documents released under the FOI Act. This list does not include:

  • personal information or information about the business, commercial, financial or professional affairs of any person if publication of that information would be unreasonable;
  • other information that the Australian Information Commissioner determines is unreasonable to publish; and
  • any information not reasonably practicable to publish because of modifications necessary to delete information covered in the two dot points above.

Defence will also include a copy of the decision made as part of the FOI request (with the applicant's personal information redacted). Defence believes publication of the decision will provide the context for any redactions made to the documents.

If you require access to the documents in an alternative format please contact the FOI Directorate.

Please Note: Due to the scanning process some documents may have a format distortion.

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Published FOI requests

Date (documents
received by applicant)
FOI No Title (link to documents) Access Exemptions (Link to FOI Act)
28-September-2018 077/18/19

Other - DMOSS Panel RFQTS 11440

Full Nil
17-September-2018 057/18/19

Changes to ADF policy of 25 percent of personnel subject to random drug tests annually

Partial 47F
14-September-2018 026/18/19

Media - two incidents involving the Air Force's KC-30AMRTT aircraft

Partial 47E
13-September-2018 463/17/18

Request for PFAS Documents related to RAAF Tindal

Partial 24 | 33 | 47G
10-September-2018 464/17/18

Media - documents related to the United Arab Emirates

Partial 33 | 47E | 47F |47G
3-September-2018 043/18/19

Notices of positive test result outcomes for 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18

Full N/A
22-August-2018 477/17/18

Request for "Initial Draft Discussion Document" in Relation to the Collins Class Submarine Location Move

Partial 33 | 47E | 47G
22-August-2018 476/17/18

Request for the Draft Discussion Document Regarding Collins Class Submarine Life of Type Extension Definition Plan

Partial 33 | 47E | 47G
8-July-2018 494/17/18

Documents relating to MYEFO 2017

Partial 47G
30-July-2018 478/17/18

Request for correspondence relating to ASC as the build partner of DCNS

Partial 34 | 47G
27-July-2018 445/17/18

2002 compensation agreement between Defence and the Twofold Bay Native Title Group

Partial 47E | 47G
27-July-2018 475/17/18

Change of headstone submission

Partial 47E(d) | 47F | 47G
27-July-2018 444/17/18

Expenditure by the FOI section on training for FOI duties

Partial 47E | 47G
20-July-2018 470/17/18

Documents relating to the Commonwealth Games

Full N/A
12-July-2018 010/18/19

Terms of reference for Nature of Service Review Board

Full N/A
13-July-2018 003/18/19

Aviation Safety Reports

Partial 47E | 47F

Previous years disclosures

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